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About us

We are the market leader in dried tomatoes and deliver Mediterranean products, maintaining pride in our range and focusing purely on quality. Do you need top quality, chilled Mediterranean specialities?Welcome to Deli-Jack! 

Our strength

  • Security of supply, due to our extensive stocks
  • Flexible production
  • Fair agreements with farmers and growers
  • A passion for the quality of our products
  • A renowned supplier all over Europe


Top quality Mediterranean specialities

Our focus on quality is actually the growth strategy that has made Deli-Jack into such a large business. If it can be better, then it must! We guarantee the best Mediterranean specialities. We are well known as one of the highest quality suppliers, and we serve a wide ranging group of customers all over Europe. 

We manage the entire supply chain

At Deli-Jack, you are talking to the farmer, importer, producer and distributor, all in one. We have our own farms at locations selected for the best Mediterranean climate. Thanks to that level of control, we can assure quality, from seed right up to the finished product.


We are IFS (higher level) and SKAL certified. That is how we prove that we meet the highest standards for safety, hygiene and quality in the foodstuffs sector. And not without reason...

Quality is our passion!

Our strength

  • Security¬†

  • Flexibility¬†

  • Fair

  • Passion¬†

  • Renowned

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