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Semi-dried tomatoes for the industry

We are the market leader in semi-dried tomatoes for industrial food processing. We achieved that position by sticking to one goal – aiming for optimum quality. Quality in the products, service and knowledge that we offer our customers. 

Our own farms

To assure quality, we have our own farmlands in the best Mediterranean climates. The summers are warm and the winters are mild, giving our tomatoes the most hours of sunshine. And that assures a natural and full tomato.  Our farms are run by local farmers with experience. These are farmers that we have worked with for many years. Thanks to that way of working, we can assure traceability, and we always have enough stock.

Deli-Jack's dried tomatoes

  • Deli-Jack is the market leader in semi-dried tomatoes
  • Top quality semi-tomatoes and optimum traceability
  • Solutions tuned to your production process
  • Clean label, and preparation without heat treatment or pasteurisation
  • A fine bite, and no hard skins

You can always try our products! Ask for a sample, and taste and convince yourself.

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"Farms under our own management. That is how we can provide an optimum guarantee of traceability, quality and plentiful stocks."

Distinctive preparation

Daily fresh production, full flavour tomatoes with a crisp structure. Thanks to our preparation method, without heating or pasteurisation, we can guarantee top quality.

All our semi-dried tomatoes are prepared daily. A distinctive quality of Deli-Jack's production is that we do not use heat treatment or pasteurisation and use "clean label" preparation as much as possible. That is why our product retains its flavour and crispness. We can supply our dried tomatoes in many forms, e.g. fresh chilled, frozen, marinated, non-marinated or sliced. In short, top quality tuned to your needs.

Tuned to your production process

We always deliver our dried tomatoes on time, tuned to your production and in the packaging you want. That is how we will work with you, to ensure your production line keeps running.

We can fine tune our dried tomatoes to suit your precise requirements. We will work with you to develop the right solution, which will fit optimally into your production process. For example, we can slice accurately to a millimetre and can offer many different forms of packaging. In addition, we can offer you extra service, such as JIT delivery, made-to-order products, express delivery and special dried tomato processing.