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At Deli-Jack, we can supply our semi-dried tomato wedges in many different variations and types of storage condition. And that means we can also deliver our dried tomatoes in IQF format. 

IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) condition is achieved through a specific freezing process. With this method we produce half dried tomato wedges or pieces that are Frozen individually. And that is the solution for today's consumer. This freezing technique guarantees retention of flavour, freshness and texture. 


You never need to think that your production line will stop.  Deli-Jack will deliver our IQF products to you in the right condition, and you have the option of made-to-order products or JIT deliveries. If your company has the freezer facilities to store IQF products, you will be sure that you have enough stock in house. 

Powering your production line

The great advantage of IQF products is that they are Frozen for storage but do not stick to each other. This is a particular advantage for the ready-meal, convenience foods and pizza sectors, because the product can be processed in individual pieces but still has optimum shelf life. And you run less risk of damaging smaller delicate products, and therefore can rest assured that your end-product looks just right. 

The advantages of Frozen dried tomatoes for you include:

  • Longer shelf life
  • No Loss of flavour, freshness and texture
  • Increases your reserve stock and production capacities
  • An optimum end application 

 Would you like more information about the possibilities? Then contact us right away, we will be happy to help. 

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