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Half-dried cherry tomatoes


Dried, marinated Cherry tomatoes give a very fresh flavour experience. The format of these tomatoes allows many options.

This type of tomato is perfect for use as garnish, ingredient or component. The ideal solution when it comes to natural adding flavour to salads, pizza or pastas. These small, Mediterranean tomato components are bursting with flavour. When you want to use a large portion of tomato in your end application, but want to keep it subtle, these fine cherry tomatoes will provide the solution. 


Our cherry tomatoes have a very rich flavour of their own. And, to complete the Mediterranean flavour, we deliver them as standard with a perfectly balanced blend of seasonings. 

Storage conditions

We can supply our cherry tomatoes in various types of packaging and under different storage conditions. It depends on your wishes, the end-product and production process.  For example, frozen, chilled, marinated or non-marinated.

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