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Sun-dried tomatoes

Sun-dried tomatoes, are completely dried by the sun, unlike semi-dried tomatoes. The very intense flavour makes this product a great base for many uses. 

This product's tough structure and heavy flavour mean that this type tomato often requires a specific kind of pre-processing. When you, for example, want to use this product as a base ingredient in a sauce or tapenade, we can prepare it in any way you want.  Deli-Jack is an extension of your production.  Whether you need a particular cut, moisture content or a specific recipe, your production can get started right away. 


One of the standard solutions you will find at Deli-Jack is our ready-to-eat sun-dried tomatoes. This composition is prepared so that the structure is soft enough and has the proper moisture content, ready for immediate further processing in your production process. 

Sun-dried tomato pieces

We can offer our sun-dried tomatoes in a variety of cuts. At Deli-Jack, we have a number of specific ready-to-use solutions for the bakery and pizza industry. Recipes that we have developed with passion and working with highly professional people, and that have proved themselves time after time. 

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