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Olives for the industry

We specialise in large volumes of chilled green and black, and of course dark olives. We can process the olives exactly to you requirements, e.g. slicing, marinating, and special packaging. 

Customised solutions

Our olives are ideal as an ingredient in items such as ready-made meals, salads, pizzas, bread and baked products. We adapt our recipes to suit your application. We can also supply specials, such as olives with cranberry or sweet olives. Some examples of our custom solutions:

  • Salt content as described in a specific recipe
  • Shelf-life extending solutions on a natural basis
  • Organic olives
  • Olives and olive rings for baking in bread
  • Sliced olives


We are specialised in organic olives, Greek Kalamata and Italian Leccino. We can also pre-process these types of olives for you, and deliver them in very large volumes. 

Olives with a crisp bite

All our fresh olives have a crisp bite, because of our unique preparation process, without pasteurisation, heat or gas treatment. For major users, looking for long shelf-life olives, Deli Jack also has both whole olives and rings in cans. Good for your stock. 

You can always try our products! Ask for a sample, and taste and convince yourself.

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