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Sweet pepper

A sweet pepper as an ingredient or component of your sauces, salads, meals or pizzas. We also supply sweet peppers filled with cream cheese, cream cheese with chives, hummus and custom fillings. 

Top quality sweet peppers

We only supply top quality sweet peppers from the Mediterranean area. We can supply sweet peppers in all forms. For example, unfilled, filled, sliced, marinated, with or without moisture, and chilled or frozen.

Plenty of available stock

Do you want a secure supply of sweet pepper? Our plentiful stock allows us to offer you that. We will supply your sweet peppers according to your wishes and in suitable packaging.

Deli-Jack's sweet peppers

  • Tuned to your recipe
  • Many types of pre-processing and fillings
  • Top quality with traceability
  • Always plenty of stock

You can always try our products! Ask for a sample, and taste and convince yourself.

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"Flavour enhancers with a crisp bite!"