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Fresh tapas specialities for the retail market

Semi-dried tomatoes

Semi-dried tomatoes

The best chilled semi-dried tomatoes for the retail market. Essential for profitable tapas or appetisers. Read more......
Grilled vegetables

Grilled vegetables

Grilled vegetables are increasingly popular. Choose our outstanding and updated range. Read more...


Do you need a wide range of olives from one supplier? We offer a complete range for the retail market. Read more...
Mediterranean specialities

Mediterranean specialities

Do you want to tempt your shoppers with specialities? We supply hummus, various types of pesto, tapenades and filled products....
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A distinctive range

We offer distinctive assets for your shop. The demand for fresh tapas specialities continues to grow. Deli-Jack is the partner that can help you satisfy that demand. We offer an extensive range of traditional specialties, and develop distinctive, exclusive custom specialties for our customers. 

What makes Deli-Jack outstanding?

  • Private label solutions 
  • Experience in developing tapas specialities
  • Complete tapas shelf setup
  • Plenty of stocks, through supplies from our own farms

Response to seasonal influences

We respond to seasons and public holidays, constantly matching your range to demand. Delicious winter cranberry olives at Christmas, beautiful tapas plates for summer drinks, and fresh spring hummus for the Easter breakfast. In that way, Deli-Jack works with you to respond to consumer spending peaks. 

Our strength

  • Security 

  • Flexibility 

  • Fair

  • Passion 

  • Renowned

A production process that stands out from the rest (really fresh)

In the main, we supply tapas specialties chilled. We produce our tapas specialities with minimum use of E-numbers, without heat treatment, and with the lowest possible salt content. And that makes our tapas specialities delicious, with good texture and full flavour, just as they should be. Would you like to try our tapas? Simply ask us for samples!

Responding to trends

Consumers are increasingly more demanding. They expect an exclusive, fresh, organic and innovative range. We offer you the chance to respond to quickly changing consumer needs. Thanks to our complete range and years of experience, we can fill your entire shelf. And we will develop distinctive tapas specialties based on your customers' requirements.

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Extensive packaging options

Do you want relatively small packaging for your shelves or wish to offer a fresh product experience through direct servings to the customer? Our extensive range of packaging options will allow you to create exactly the right customer experience. In that way, we assure that your tapas shelf suits your positioning perfectly.  

Plentiful stocks and the supply chain under our own management

At Deli-Jack, we manage the entire supply chain for our tapas specialities. We always have plenty of stock, thanks to delivery from our farms.  And that is how we can assure quality, from seed right up to the finished product. 

Would you like more information about the possibilities? Then please Contact us!