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Dried tomatoes for the wholesale market

Deli-Jack is the market leader in dried tomatoes. Would you like to offer the best dried tomatoes to caterers, delicatessens and restaurants? Welcome to Deli-Jack!

An extensive range

Would you like an impressive and extensive range? We offer many sorts of dried tomatoes, from dried cherry tomatoes to sun-dried or orange tomatoes. Packed in fitting, handy packages, matching your shelves and focused on larger volume users. And of course, we offer the option to offer our products to your customers under a private label. 

Cash-and Carry

Wholesalers who have their own cash-and-carry can rely on Deli-Jack's professional knowledge. We will work with you and look into the most suitable presentation for your shelves. A unique Deli-Jack feature... How about training your staff and organising tastings on your shop floor?  

Deli-Jack's dried tomatoes

  • The market leader in dried tomatoes of every kind
  • Farms and cultivation under our own management
  • Prepared without heat treatment or pasteurisation
  • Perfect crisp bite, not too hard or soft
  • No added vinegar
  • Specific Mediterranean blends of seasoning for an optimum flavour experience

You can always try our products! Ask for a sample, and taste and convince yourself.

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"Perfect dried tomatoes for the catering industry and major users"